Meteorology: Understanding the Atmosphere            Ackerman and Knox



This applet represents a simple model that helps you explore the coupling between climate and biology. On this world, there are two kinds of plants: white daisies and black daisies. These plants, along with bare ground, cover the planet. There is a fixed death rate, as well as a fixed value for horizontal temperature transport. The plants, however, have different albedos.



You can set the luminosity of the sun using the thumbwheel. When you click the Start button, the simulation begins. When a steady state is reached, the percentage of cover by the white and black daisies and bare ground (gray region) will be listed, and the final surface temperature will be shown on the thermometer.

An implementation of the DaisyWorld as outlined by Stull in Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd ed., Brooks-Cole (2000).